Strength training makes women courageous

Free training plans for women are a dime a dozen. However, women are still too often fobbed off with gentle cardio training plans that always avoid effective strength and muscle training. Just not too strenuous – always avoid the weights! Anyone who deals a little more extensively with effective training knows very well that tight legs, a firm bottom and defined abdominal muscles are impossible to achieve without targeted muscle building training. That is why we present the best training plans for women here – both as a full-body training plan and as a split training plan for advanced athletes who want to get a little more out of their strength training .

Why the best training plans for women are so simple

Do you really think that with hours of training on the cross trainer, stepper or treadmill (d) you can create a cracking ass and really attractive arms and legs?

There is only one effective way that leads you specifically to your dream body. And that is iron strength training . And “iron” in this case means: you use real (iron) weights, as men do. No fluffy, colorful 0.5 kg dumbbells with rubber handles. Rather, they are suitable for your little daughter.

We have made it our mission to dispel the myths about fitness training and muscle building in women and to show ambitious (prospective) athletes that successful fitness training for women primarily in the free weight area takes place.

And before you close your browser in panic because you can’t really believe this, let’s clear up the first persistent myth:

Strength training makes women manly, unsightly and makes them mutate into mountains of muscles?

No! This is wrong. Strength training makes women attractive, fit and sexy!

A well-trained overall body image, firm legs, a firm bottom and pronounced feminine curves are the inevitable consequences of regular muscle building training in the free weight area! Because only with targeted muscle hypertrophy can muscle growth optimize the problem areas, tighten connective tissue and create “real” curves that go far beyond the edge of the road.

Strength training is your key to success.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to burn more fat to lose unnecessary pounds, or you want to shape your buttocks more voluminous and crisp. You can achieve all training goals with adequate strength training – much faster and more efficiently than with pure cardio training. or inefficient course workouts that train within an aerobic performance threshold.

And unless you regularly raid the illegal transport of doping substances across the Polish borders and “abuse” them for your own purposes, you cannot mutate into a female “muscle mountain” anyway. Statistically, this is the greatest fear of female athletes, who shy away from it because of their ignorance about strong strength training.

Women have a much lower synthesis rate of male growth hormones for genetic reasons like testosterone, which are primarily responsible for building protein structures and thus contribute significantly to muscle growth. This is also the brief reason why women cannot build up muscle mountains with regular but intensive muscle building training.

Free training plans for women – full body vs. Split training plan

If you want to build muscle effectively, it is important that you stimulate your muscles intensively during training and thus set growth stimuli that will visibly tighten your muscles and give you attractive feminine curves. You can even fight cellulite through intensive strength training!

Of course there are a number of training plans, each of which supports different training goals . Bloody beginners in particular should slowly start weight training with a classic full body training plan in order to protect themselves from excessive stress and prevent overtraining.

full body training plan

With a full-body training plan, the entire portfolio of all muscle groups is trained in just one training session. So no primary muscle groups are left out, since essentially the same number of muscle groups are stimulated in each training session.

However, the muscle groups involved also exhaust more quickly, as many synergists are involved in training, which are used in several exercises. Accordingly, the maximum intensity can rarely be achieved in a full-body training plan, which makes this training plan ideal for beginners in strength and muscle building training.

A full-body training plan has the following advantages:

  • Little choice of exercises and easier overview of the scope of the training
  • Natural overload protection through compact training units
  • Implementation of the important basic exercises such as deadlifts, squats and bench presses
  • Time-saving and intensive
  • More suitable for beginners

Split training plan

Athletes who have already built solid and stabilizing basic muscles, be it through strength training or other sports such as swimming, athletics or pole dance etc., can also use a 2 or 3 split training plan for Immerse beginners in strength training.

The advantage of split training lies in the division of the muscle training into several training units. With this training method, the respective muscle group can be stimulated much more intensely on each training day than would be the case with full-body training. At the same time, the absolute regeneration time of each muscle group increases.

And you know: Muscle building mainly takes place in the resting phase!

By the way, you can improve your regeneration through targeted sauna sessions after training!

You can then also use the 2-part split as a split training plan for beginners download. Exercises that use stationary and guided equipment / weights are primarily used there. In this way you minimize the risk of injury and you can get used to the unfamiliar handling of strength training.

After a few weeks of getting used to it, you can switch to the (even more effective!) split training with free weights , which implements demanding basic exercises such as deadlifts, squats or bench presses in your everyday training. Advanced athletes with sufficient training experience can also jump straight into split training with free weights.

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