Cellulite away by building muscle: Treat cellulite with strength training

Which woman does she not know? The problem of cellulite (also called orange peel) is not limited to overweight people. According to a study, it affects over 90% of women from the age of 20, regardless of whether they are thin and petite or strong and corpulent. Even a vegan or vegetarian diet has no positive effects on the unsightly orange peel.

Although cellulite, unlike cellulite, is not a disease, it causes problems for many women, especially when a lot of time is spent on beaches, beach bars or in outdoor pools at the beginning of spring or at the latest when planning your vacation.

What is cellulite?

Terms like cellulite or orange peel primarily refer to small bumps and depressions in the upper layers of the skin on the arms, thighs, buttocks or hips. These bumps in the skin usually hide an increased accumulation of fat deposits in the deeper skin layers, which, due to the lack of or weak connective tissue structure, presses almost unhindered into the overlying skin layers.

We can divide most types of cellulite into three different levels *:

  • Level: Light cellulite: Here you (woman) can still breathe easy. In the mild form of cellulite, the skin deformations and dents are often only visible when the skin is squeezed directly, sometimes when standing, lying or sitting. An effective measure and treatment method for mild cellulite is classic strength training, which we will go into in more detail later.
  • Level: Moderate cellulite: Here it gets a bit more critical, because moderate cellulite usually also implies an advanced weakness of the connective tissue or at least this occurs more frequently in the thighs, hips and upper and lower arms. At this stage the deformations are even deeper and more pronounced, i.a. slight pressure pain can also arise. For level 2 of “orange peel”, it can make sense to consult a specialist.
  • Level: Severe cellulite: At the latest when clearly thickened, inelastic and coarse skin deformations occur, which create a strong feeling of tension and pain when touched, the women concerned should consult a specialist and have the severe cellulite treated professionally.

What can I do against cellulite? Effective measures against orange peel

Probably the most effective treatment method for cellulite, at least its mild form, is regular strength training . Excessive cardio training can burn a lot of fat, but is not enough to dissolve or burn all the small fat deposits that press into the upper layers of the skin.

Why does strength training help against cellulite? Quite simply: A conventional hypertrophy or muscle building training primarily aims at building additional muscle mass all over the body. If the muscle volume increases in the known problem areas such as the hips, thighs or forearms, the muscular hypertrophy can help to even out the unevenness of the skin by “tightening” pressure against the weaker connective tissue.

Of course, additional factors such as female hormones and hereditary predisposition also play a role in the development of this unaesthetic problem. Fortunately, there is a lot we can do about it these days. If you want to get rid of cellulite as quickly and effectively as possible, or at least reduce it, you should approach the matter comprehensively and change something in several ways. There is a lot that can be done against cellulite …

  • … in the kitchen: Sugar, fat and salt are, besides smoking and alcohol consumption, the biggest enemies and stumbling blocks on the way to a perfect body without dents and inequalities. Instead, the following applies: A balanced diet with sufficient vitamin C, E and minerals, which you can supplement especially at the beginning of spring. Sufficient fluid intake (at least 2-3 liters of pure water daily) is also important.
  • … in the bathroom: Alternating cold and warm showers, massages and the use of special products such as peelings and creams stimulate the blood circulation, which is of key importance in the fight against bumps and dents.
  • … in the shoe store: Do you wear high heels every day? This is a negative contribution to the blood circulation and lymph flow in your legs, which in turn is an important cause of orange peel. In the fight against inequalities, sneakers and ballerinas are more popular.
  • And of course you can achieve the best results in the gym ! A targeted combination of strength and cardio training strengthens muscles and connective tissue and, as a result, tightens the skin. The metabolism is also boosted.

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