Full Body Exercise Plan for Women (Beginners)

A well thought-out full-body training plan for women is the ideal tool with which you can prepare your body for more intense stress through muscle building and strength training.

Strength training is the only effective way for women to transform annoying cellulite, unsightly thighs or loosing connective tissue back into a firm and crisp body image that gives you incredibly attentive looks from men and women on your attractive body on the beach secures.

Do I need a full body training plan for women?

Successful fitness training not only provides you with new self-confidence and makes you look fitter and more attractive, it also lays the foundation for an efficient lifestyle. But before you start training with free weights (dumbbells) as a beginner, you should build up solid basic muscles that will strengthen the muscles in important and injury-prone areas of your body (e.g. back and spine, legs, shoulders, etc.) and thus strengthen them can prevent overload due to unusually hard training.

If you have no and only very little experience in the field of strength training up to now, it can make sense to mainly do stationary (guided ) Exercise equipment so that you get a feel for the movement sequences and do not directly strain your muscles.

This beginner training plan for women aims through full body training to support muscle building in the entire upper body, leg and trunk area and should prepare you to be able to train with free weights with a more intensive split training plan in a few weeks so that you can still achieve your dream body get a little step closer!

The training not only triggers adaptation (hypertrophy) of your muscles due to the unusual load, but also ensures that your tendons, ligaments and joints slowly adapt to an increasing (training-induced) load get used to.

However, you should be careful not to increase the weights too quickly in the first few weeks. In practice, muscle hypertrophy happens much faster than hypertrophy of the joint apparatus. The often underestimated consequence can be inflammation or overstimulation of joints and tendons. Remember: less is more!

How often do I train with the full body training plan for women?

The full-body training plan comprises a single training session in which all primary muscle groups are stimulated and additional cardio training can be implemented at the end of the training session if necessary. There should be at least a day’s break between each training session. For beginners, repeating 3-4 times the full body training plan for women has proven to be useful.

How long do I have to use a full-body training plan?

Depending on the absolute training intensity and frequency, it is usually sufficient as a beginner. off when the full body exercise plan for women is used for around 1-3 months. During this time, muscles and joints can generally adjust and adapt to more intensive training.

After this time you can e.g. switch to a 2 or 3 split training plan in which all muscle groups are “split” into training with several training units. This training method enables the intensity of each training unit to be maximized and thus optimizes the results in muscle building and fat burning.

Since correct training can only bring optimal success in interaction with a nutrition oriented towards the training goal, we recommend our articles on nutrition. You will also find a wide selection of nutrition plans here that should support you on the way to your dream figure.

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