Full body workouts for women

A advanced full-body training plan for women is ideal for building solid basic muscles, thus stimulating the linking of new protein structures (muscle hypertrophy) and can optimize the oxidation of fatty acids and thus contribute to effective fat burning. This full-body training plan forms the ideal basis for effective training and can accompany you through different training phases over the long term.

When do I use the advanced full body training plan for women?

This training plan is basically an intensification of the full-body training plan for beginners, which we have already presented in detail in the linked article.

The main difference is that the advanced full-body training plan already implements demanding basic exercises such as deadlifts, bench presses or squats, which require a certain basic experience in strength and muscle building training, so that an error-free exercise is guaranteed and no unnecessary injuries occur.

The training condition of the stressed basic muscles is also of great importance, as the basic exercises also stress a significant part of the supporting muscle groups. If these are too weak, a proper exercise cannot be guaranteed and at the same time increases the risk of injury.

For this reason, the advanced full-body training plan is suitable for women who have little time or capacity for an intensive 2-part or 3-part split training plan, but who still want to complete an effective and demanding muscle building workout.

If you have already strengthened your muscles over a certain period of time with exercises on stationary equipment and now want to dare to jump into the free weight area, you can do the exceptionally effective basic exercises such as squats , Deadlifts or bench press trigger very efficient muscle growth and thus bring your legs, upper body and butt into top shape!

And don’t be afraid. Even intensive full-body training doesn’t make you a female muscle mountain. The worst that will happen is the exponentially increasing envy of your toned buttocks, which will be the inevitable training result of squats and the like.

In our Hypertrophy Guide you can find out how you as a woman can benefit from muscle building and strength training.

How long can I use the full-body training plan for women?

This full body training plan for women includes, in addition to the aforementioned essential basic strength exercises, also isolated exercises for smaller muscle groups, such as the biceps or triceps.

With the help of this training plan you can drive your training progress (muscle building and strength increase) until you have the feeling that your training success is stagnating and new, adapted training stimuli are necessary.

In the event of stagnating training success, you then have two options:

  • Either you alternate (change) your exercise execution significantly more and replace the classic deadlift e.g. through deadlifts in a wide stance (“sumo stance”) and the squats through front squats. For almost every exercise there is a suitable alternative exercise that can trigger a comparable muscle stimulation. For this you should ask your personal trainer on site for advice and always have the execution of a “new” exercise monitored.
  • Of course, you can always switch to a split training plan . The new exercises and exercise sequences can trigger (again) effective stimulation and convert stagnant muscle growth into visible training success. Here are the best split training plans for women.

Note : This full-body training plan is only one possible sample among many and can and should be individualized by the user and by specialist staff (e.g. fitness trainer) so that optimal training results can be achieved.

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