Benefits of a three-part workout plan

If you have set yourself ambitious goals for your body, the 3 split training plan for women is exactly the right tool for you! With this training plan you train all important muscle groups very intensively and thus set optimal growth stimuli for fast muscle hypertrophy and a firm butt! Due to the extended regeneration phase between the individual (in this case three) training days, the restoration of muscular performance can take place in a very targeted manner and thus enables intensive and demanding strength training.

What are the advantages of a 3-part split training plan for women?

The 3-part split training plan for women, like the related 2-part split training plan, is available for beginners as well as for advanced directly via our training newsletter (at the end of the article).

The only difference between the two variants is that the training plan for beginners primarily focuses on training with guided weights (i.e. stationary equipment or guided barbells) so that the athlete’s muscles are engaged sensitive areas such as the spine and joints are strengthened and can have a stabilizing effect. After a few weeks of training, advanced athletes can finally switch to training with free weights .

The 3 split training plan for women with advanced experience in the area of ​​strength training listed here primarily takes into account training with free weights and implements highly effective basic exercises such as deadlifts , squats and Bench press , which intensify strength training for women in an impressive way.

3er split training plan for women: The structure

In the 3-part split training plan for women, the training is divided as follows:

  • Day 1: Back & Biceps
  • Day 2: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
  • Day 3 : Legs & Cardio
  • Break 1-2 days (more as needed)

The division of the muscle building training into these three days has the background that you each complete the exercises on one day that train or related muscle groups . stimulate and are already heavily used in every training session.

If the exercises were to be split up over other training days, this would result in an above-average strain on all primary muscle groups in relatively short time intervals, because, for example, the large pectoral muscle (M. pectoralis major) stimulates the upper shoulder and chest area in almost every exercise will.

The 3-way split organizes this more effectively. Because due to the greater stress caused by intensive (partially isolated) stimulation in a training session, the individual muscles require an increased regeneration time. This is guaranteed by the following training and rest days, which trigger almost no stimulation of the trained muscle after a completed training session.

For this reason, all exercises that target the same muscle group are compressed into a single training unit if possible. In this way a longer interval between repetitive training units and thus a longer regeneration time can be achieved.

After all, you should know: The muscles grow in the resting phases!

This is how you train your back and biceps on Day 1 , for example, since the pulling movements of the exercises for the back almost always involve the biceps at the same time. The next day, you train your chest, shoulders, and triceps, but do little to no use on your back and biceps. In this way you ensure sufficient regeneration time for one muscle group, while the other muscle groups can be extensively trained. Ideal for intensive fitness training and fat burning!

Note : A 3-part split training plan for women is just one possible sample among many variants and can or should be individualized with professional help (e.g. fitness trainer) so that optimal training results can be achieved. Beginners should always have the correct execution of the exercise checked by qualified personnel.

Since correct training can only bring optimal results in interaction with correct nutrition , we recommend our articles on the subject of nutrition and a diet oriented towards the training goal.

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